Registered Complaints Policy & Procedure

Sometimes things can go wrong, and that’s why we give customers options to settle their complaints.


We take pride in the excellent standards that each of our featured tradesmen promises to uphold as a member of Registered. Each business on our site has been researched and evaluated to ensure that our customers can find a trustworthy trader.

Any firm can run into difficulties and things can go wrong. What matters is how problems are addressed. If you are at all dissatisfied by any part of the service that any tradesperson has provided then the following guide will offer you some advice on how best to approach the situation, and what role Registered plays in the complaints procedure.

On What Grounds Can I Make a Complaint?  

Any tradesperson who takes on any work that you hire them to do is expected to do so with "reasonable care and competence," according to the Consumer Rights Act. This must be accomplished in a fair amount of time and in accordance with any agreed-upon dates. They must also charge a reasonable or agreed-upon fee for their services. 

It's possible that extra materials are needed after further inspection, or that there's a bigger problem lurking beneath the surface. The most significant factor to consider is how this scenario is dealt with. If you believe the trader you hired failed to deliver in any of these categories at any time, you have reasonable grounds to file a complaint.

Also, under the Consumer Rights Act, you will be entitled to a rectification of the issue should you find yourself making a specific proven complaint. This would be a proven issue with service/works started or completed by your tradesperson with accompanying documentary evidence. 

Depending on the scenario, this could mean the trader redoing the service at no cost to you - whether this is restricted to the smaller piece you are unhappy with or the entire service is under discretion. Alternatively, if having the work redone is not an option; for example, if the required deadlines have already past, you may be eligible for a discount. 

The amount you are entitled to will depend on the severity of the issues you have, and if you are dissatisfied with the service, on the whole, then you may be entitled to up to 100% of the cost. You can find out more about what you can expect by contacting the Citizens Advice Office,  these are your rights for services at home under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 

How Do I Make a Complaint?  

Stay Calm:

When things go wrong, it's very annoying, especially when you've paid your hard-earned money to have an expert individual complete a task for you. However, yelling and screaming will get us nowhere and may even make things worse. When things go wrong, no reputable tradesperson likes to disappoint their customers, and it may be upsetting for everyone concerned.

Understand The Situation:

It's possible that the source of your concern was a misunderstanding or another issue that can be explained. Allow the trader to provide their side of story so that you can both understand what went wrong.

Give Them a Chance:

The prospect of having an angry customer is something that any honest tradesperson will take seriously. They don't set out to offend anyone, and will, for the most part, be eager to resolve any difficulties with you as fast as possible. Allowing them to mend problems without getting irritated may result in the matter being resolved swiftly and easily.

Still Unhappy? Make a Complaint:

If you're still unhappy with the job that's been done, or if the tradesperson you hired isn't willing to help you or listen to your complaints, the next step is to take matters into your own hands. To do so, make a written record of your complaint, either by email or by letter. Within this letter of complaint, you must detail precise information about the task which they were employed for and which elements of the project you are unhappy with. You should also outline what you feel would be a satisfactory method of rectification. Don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself.

Next Steps:

If neither of you can come to an agreement on a solution, or if they are not answering to you correctly, you should consider taking things further. Because each case is different, we recommend that consumers obtain legal advice to identify the best course of action. You can also file a complaint with Trading Standards if you believe your chosen tradesperson has breached the law or acted unfairly.

What Are Trading Standards?

Trading Standards are the local legal authority departments within the United Kingdom. You can find your local Trading Standards office to complain about illegal sales activity or to get business advice about trading legally.

Reporting a trade to trading standards will require evidence including documents such as a contract agreement, photographic evidence and value of work carried out. Once the information and supporting evidence has been accepted, an investigation will be made to decide whether an action can be taken or not. – more information or evidence may be required before the final decision is made. 

They will investigate the information you provide and may take the company to court if necessary, but they cannot assist you with personal issues such as obtaining a refund. However, if you suspect a rogue tradesperson is causing issues, you must notify Registered immediately so we can take the immediate and appropriate action.

How Does Registered Help? 

It is a rare circumstance that one of our members offers poor service. This is because our members are properly vetted and know that unsatisfied customers can leave a negative review which will be published on our website. If you do have reason to complain about the work of one of our members, then please contact [email protected]

Please note: Registered will take no active role in the complaints process or resolution. We will act accordingly per the results of any formal investigation.

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