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Are you looking for a trusted painter and decorator? You can quickly find the best painters and decorators in your area and compare numerous quotes with Registered.

Choosing the right painter and decorator can be a minefield, but don’t worry Registered is on hand to help! With our easy to use directory of rated and reviewed painters and decorators near you, you can hire a professional painter and decorator via Registered to transform your house into the work of art you've always imagined.

Professional painting and decorating companies take pride in treating customers with respect and always leaving a finished room in a clean and tidy state. Internal and external decoration, paper hanging, artexing, coving, floor sanding, woodwork staining/varnishing, and even modest building work are all services offered by our reputable register of painters and decorators.

Painter and decorator companies also carry out a range of insurance work, carrying out repairs for fire and water damage claims. Reputable companies will have a Health & Safety certificate and offer guarantees as standard.

Wallpapering and painting can be time-consuming, and inexperienced decorators are far more likely to make a mistake that can destroy the aesthetic of a newly decorated space and cost more than hiring a professional in the first place. If you're concerned about the cost of professional wallpaper installation, painting, or decorating, be assured that, while hourly prices can appear to be costly, they aren't. Professional decorators are sure to make short work of projects due to their experience, whilst finishing to a high standard. 

The most significant cost in any wallpapering project is labour; keep in mind that the more difficult it is to hang wallpaper, the greater the labour cost. So, if you want a professional job done on a room with very high ceilings or stairs, you'll have to pay more. If it's a typical square space with no awkward cutouts or high ceilings then it will be quicker to complete so you can therefore expect a better price.

Our painters and decorators offer a broad range of painting and 

  • General Painting and Decorating 
  • Interior and Exterior Decorating 
  • Wallpapering 
  • Coving 
  • Plastering 
  • Anti-Vandal Coating 
  • Door Stripping 
  • Sash window repair

There is nothing that can replace exceptional attention to detail or years of experience, so if you hire a subpar painter and decorator, you will be suffering from the mistakes for years.

Don’t make that mistake! Find a reliable, expert painter and decorator via Registered today! Browse our map, get an instant quote or contact the pilot directly. 

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